XSR1 2002 Yamaha Twin

XSR1 Project for my 277 Rephased 800cc XS650 Vertical Twin Engines:

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Lots of room for any induction system: Click Here!

Lots of room for the XS650 motor too, I can "tilt" it to any position I want. Super light wheels and chassis, drilled titanium bolts, hollow ultra light axles, trick brakes etc.

I will put the right hand foot peg assembly on with quick pins, and easily remove it if I want to use the functional kick starter (it clears fine). I also have a cable actuated compression release that mounts on the left front 4 bolt/stud valve lash adjustment cover from an early model XS and the correct rocker arms to go with it: Click Here!

(All the later models still have the 4 bolt cover! That's why the XS has the 4 dome nut cover on the top left front!)

The countershaft and countershaft sprocket alignment is the most important thing that would make this a go or no go project. I can make an offset front sprocket from two XS sprockets, a 17 and an 18T. It will work fine. The counter shaft positioning works out great, they have a small front sprocket on the R1 and the new bigger OD XS 18T gives a better top to bottom front chain spread too. Check out the image above. The rubber chain guide is not on the swingarm yet, I just bought it at an auction yesterday. That's a stock XS 17 X 530 in the image. I am also lowering the rear of the bike some with the (dog bone) rear shock linkage. I do not like the ass end that high and the chain will straighten up better than it did when it had the R1 1000 cc motor, so it will work out great chain wise with the smaller alloy rear driven sprocket I'll put on it. They even make a tricked out optional high strength 520 chain and sprockets, I'm using 530 though.   Bob B.

This is the XSR1 "naked bike"! I have the 2001 R1 blue tank above, the matching blue front fender and the matching OEM 2001 blue tail section and oem seats. That is all the bodywork it will have. I have a dual headllight assembly (2ea/35watt halogen) for an early GSXR, some new XS 650 instruments, and a couple of polished Micron big baffle aluminum cans for the twin exhaust. I am fabricating motor mounts with an empty motor, the 277 800cc motor is almost complete.

More information on the XS650 Yamaha Rephased 277 Stock Crankshafts: Click Here!

XS650 Cycle Links, Images & Info: Click Here!

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