XS650 Camshaft Lobe Profile Images.

The camshaft on the left above is from the 256 series Yamaha XS 650 engine made from 1970-1973, it has caged needle bearings in the center of the camshaft for the ignition governor rod. It has much more duration and less valve lift than the 447 series engine cam of 1974-1983 (above right), they have a bushing in the cam center bored hole for the ignition governor rod from 1974-1979, then the factory switched from points ignition to a transistorized hall effect magnetic pickup crank trigger. The early cam has 34 teeth on the sprocket and is not a direct swap for the later motors with 36 teeth on the cam sprocket. Both cams run on double pairs of ball bearings in the head.

Undisclosed specification XS650 Megacycle hard weld race only cam profile image I was sent.

XS 650 Actual Stock Camshaft Specifications and Images:

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