A Street Tracker and a Bobber:

Here’s some pics of a couple bikes that I’ve built.  They were both a lot of fun to build and they get lots of looks everywhere I ride them.  I sold the Bobber on eBay last week the 1st day it listed and got so many inquiries that I’ve decided to build another Bobber just to resell (mainly because I’m too big to ride them).  6’ and 220lbs.  Your website was a tremendous inspiration and well of information during my builds.  I’ve since built a Tracker for my older brother who absolutely loves it.  A couple more of my friends are also building Trackers.  Mike Lalonde at Mike’s XS has also been invaluable in providing accurate and practical information as well as a great reseller for parts. 

My Tracker pics are without the taillight and tag.  They came with the seat/fender from Omars and were not a very good design.  We revamped my brothers and replaced it with a solid bar for rigid support.  So now the tag does not vibrate to pieces nor get hung in the rear tire when jumping over railroad tracks. 

I plan to add a custom paint to my Tracker.  Black with a ghost recessed watermark stripe down the middle complete with a popup gas lid and lastly a vented front rotor.  You can spend as little or as much on these bikes as you want and still have a great looking bike.

 These are terrific bikes to build/work-on/ride and hone your skills before moving on to larger projects.

 Many thanks again for your encouraging site that honors these vintage bikes.

Steven S. Curtis 

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