Phil Kovacs 1982 XS650 Heritage Special:


   What an incredible website you offer to 650 afficionados.  Thanks for making so much valuable information available.  OK, so here's my story.  Back in May 1972, I bought myself a brand new, gorgeous red and white XS 650 as my college graduation present.  My first bike, during high school, was a 64 Triumph Bonneville, which, after some engine mods, was quick, but I never could stop the oil leaks.  Then there were the electrical issues.  Well the Yamaha was everything the Bonneville wasn't: smooth, reliable, modern - and it did NOT leak.  Unfortunately I sold my Yamaha in '74 to a kid who chopped it and shortly afterward drove it into the side of a car.  He lived but the bike was trash. 

  Fast forward 29 years to this spring when, for some strange reason I got it in my head to buy another bike.  I found a completely restored, perfect '72 in Chicago but the guy wanted a fortune for it.  It turned out for the best because I located a 1982 650SJ Heritage Special with an original 1630 miles on it - AND it was in near mint condition as you can see in the attached photos.  I've had it a couple of weeks and have managed only to put on a few hundred miles, but what a blast it is. It's amazing how many comments and compliments the bike draws.  Most people refuse to believe how old it is.  My wife is telling her friends I'm having a affair with a 21 year-old. Right now the bike is completely stock except for the bars and I'm having too much fun to start modifications - those are for this winter.  I'll be spending time on your website doing research to decide exactly how I can improve (more HP?) this beautiful old Gal....

Best regards,

Phil Kovacs
Northville, Michigan

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