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.420" Lift Billet Cam, (No Exchange) Valve Springs, Special Retainers, Shorter Valve Seals, $375.00 set. (Drop In) 272 duration at .040" lift. (No camshaft works better all around than this one!)

.420 Lift Cam


Bronze Valve Guides

(Lower Installed Height)

$29.00 each

Tsubaki Cam Chain - 106 pins (Link)

Fits 1974-1983 XS 650 (This chain is the strongest and it is endless) $49.98 each

Kit Includes:

  1. XS Performance Big Bore Race Cylinder Block with sleeves installed and finished to fit our 80mm. Forged Big Bore (750cc.) Pistons. Cylinder casting has larger cooling fins that extend out the same distance as the cylinder head fins for enhanced cooling. No modifications to engine cases needed.
  2. Forged 80mm. 750cc Big Bore Piston kits(2) complete with Ring Sets, Piston Pins & Clips. Forged 447 type Pistons feature:
    1. Valve pockets cut for large valves.
    2. Mos2 treated piston skirts.
    3. Oil channel for enhanced piston pin oiling.
    4. 20mm. piston pins that are internally tapered to ends for weight reduction.
    5. Lightweight 9:1 compression pistons. Assembly - Weight approx. 455 Grams.
  3. Big Bore Cylinder Head Gasket & Base Gasket. Price: $595.00
    Big Bore Cylinder Kit $595.00

xs650 gas tank

Steel Fuel Tank - 3.9US gallon (15 litre) "Standard" type Includes New Manual type #20-0019 Petcocks (2)
and chrome gas cap. Tank is painted Black (No name) and Gold and is patterened after the 
Original 1977D model standard tank.   Fits:  Any  1974-84   XS/TX650.   $229.00 each.


Mikuni 36mm VM carb set with 2 into 1 cable (uses stock throttle assy) and air filters: $395.00
Mikuni carbs are pre-jetted for your bike, put them on it and ride. They will roll off idle bettter, and the motor will pull to 8,500-9,000 rpm! They are simple too adjust: In Stock and will ship within 24 hours, so you will receive in 2-5 business days!

Mikuni 36mm VM Carb Set (2)

See the Mikuni carb sets here: www.650motorcycles.com/MikuniCarbs.html


Boyer Bransden Ignition - Computer Controlled

Installation Instructions- http://www.650motorcycles.com/BoyerMicroPower.html

$270.00 Complete.

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