Vintage Dirt Track / Flat Track Racing Photos:

Bob, thanks so much, not only for putting up myself, but for Shell Thuet, and the riders of the VDTRA. The VDTRA has been around since 1988 and promotes the type of all-american grass-roots motorcycle racing and vintage bikes that were around prior to 1975. That of course includes the XS650. If you look at the overall standings of last year,

You'll see that out of 259 entries in the various classes (some are the same riders and same bikes or different riders same bikes in different classes) 168 are Yamahas, based on either the TT500 or the XS650. In 2000 EVERY championship class, pro or amateur, was won by a rider on a Yamaha , and in 2001 all those Yamahas will have number 1 plates.

I've sent along some more pics of XS650's in action from the VDTRA web page. All of these are by our venerable VDTRA president Mike Zbrozek, who takes these in the breaks between his own races. If you have the space, maybe you can add them as additional riders of XS650's. Thanks, Mike Konshak

40&93sm.jpeg : #40 Russ Briggs (owner of Briggs Auto Group in KS) followed by an eager #93 Tom Keckick(WY) at Casper, WY

24g&38L.jpeg : VDTRA Pro twin champ #24 Mark Gibson (CO) and #38L Steve Nichols (OK) at Hutchinson, KS.

89g&89g1.jpeg : The father son team of Joe and Mike Klingler (KS). The XS650 with the smiley face is about as stock a racer as you can get, and it finished in 4th overall in the masters amateur class!

1&40&90.jpeg : #1 Bob Snyder(KS), #40 Russ Briggs (KS), #90 Jerry Hinds (OK) battle for the lead on XS650's in the Open twins class at Heartland Park, Topeka, KS

heat2.jpeg : Iowa State Fairgrounds. Start of Pro-Twin Heat 2 L to R, #24 Mark Gibson (CO), #11p Greg Triber (WA), #33g Erik Bland (CO), #4 Bill Snyder (KS). #11 is the only non-Yamaha XS650. (Keep in mind these are really 750's!)

17nAlMoriarty.jpeg 1999 Ruidoso Mile #17N Al Moriarty

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