Mike Konshak Vintage Dirt Track / Flat Track Racing Photos:

The previous three pictures (SEP23_Ruidoso_1f_lg_brt.jpg and MikeKAwSm.jpg) are from Dan Maloney, except for MK_Bike_Champ750_1.jpg which is my photo. In MikeKAwSm.jpg, the people are my wife (pit chief and umbrella girl) Becky Konshak, me, Mike Konshak, and VDTRA President Mike Zbrozek, taken at the 2000 awards banquet in Wichita Falls, TX.

Other interesting pics from the 2000 season, showing VDTRA XS650 racers are as follows:

MK_Bike_Trailer_2.jpg (Mike Konshak Photo) Part of my stable and the little trailer that hauls 'em. You can't win a championship without a spare bike!

Daytona2000_Mike-n-GaryNixon.jpg (Becky Konshak Photo) The first race of the season was at Daytona. 89X is my Sportsman750 and Formula Vintage entry. I did finish ahead of Gary (he dropped it in the infield).

Daytona_Sportsman750_Start.jpg (Becky Konshak Photo) The start of a mostly XS650/750 class at Daytona 2000. I'm gridded way in the back.

Apr29_BoydTX_ST-1.jpg An all XS650 two-row lineup in the Am Open Twin class.

Boyd_TT.jpg (Flattrack Mac Photo) Me #4n, in the lead, on my XS650 TT/MX/DT bike. I won 4 1sts and one second that day. It has a '70 XS1 frame, 83 XS650 5V4 motor, 74 MX250 forks and swing arm, 2000 YZ fenders, '76 TT500 seat. Motor mods are just an ARD magneto, VM34mm carbs, Shell TT pipes. The 21" front wheel sports a Dunlop K750 dual sport tire and the rear an 18" K180 DT tire.

May27_Sheridan_Seniors.jpg Sheridan, WY. Rider #27 is a very fast Dave Barkley (KS), who's son is an AMA national rider. Note the dust plume in front of his rear wheel. His stock frame has just touched the ground and is about to dump him as it lifts both wheels off the track. When it comes back down Dave's foot is in the way and it puts him out for the rest of the season. Notice the ground clearance on my Champion frame.

June11_Topeka_chdflg.jpg Taking the win in the Am Open Twin class on my Champion 750. I had to put 4N on the front because the number 1 in that class belonged to Bob Snyder (who crashed in the race).

July2_81Speedway.jpg (Mike Zbrozek Photo) Mike Konshak (CO) on Stock motor, stock framed TT bike set up with spool front for race at 81 Speedway, Wichita, KS.

Sep22_Ruidoso ShellTSM.jpg (Mike Zbrozek Photo) Shell shows up with his Factory 750 XS650 OU motor to let Johhny Issacs race it. Problems with the wheel bearings kept them out of the running in the pro classes. Notice bike #89, a totally stock, including tank, seat and fenders campaigned by the Joe and Mike Klingler father and son team. They finished in the top five for the year in their respective classes!

Sep23_RuidosoMasters_MikeRogerGlenn.jpg (Dan Mahoney Photo) End of the year points race between champion framed 750cc XS650's at Ruidoso Downs, NM. Having won the season, I got out of the way as #4k Roger Johnson (IA) battles #78G Glenn McNamara who ends up taking the win. Glenn bought #78G that day at the track in the hope to take the championship from me. All I had to do was finish one place behind him so I wasn't going to push the motor as there was a contingent of other riders behind us. Sorry Glenn.

Kablooe1.jpg (Mike Konshak Photo) One of three broken engines during the 2000 season. I added a tach to my bikes!

Trophies_6RacesLeft.jpg My loot collected during Y2K. 6 races left to go. I traveled over 20,000 miles, raced a total of 72 main events and brought home just as many trophies.


Mike Konshak

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