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Here is bike #2 from the internationally recognized (there is some guy in Holland who heard of us) and award winning Fong Bros. It came in 2nd in the last Mid-Atlantic International Motorcycle Show.  The bike built by my brother, Billy Joe Fong, came in 1st.   It's an 82 Heritage -- the only thing that still says Heritage is the lace pattern on the rear wheel. The boxy Heritage tank is long gone.  This is the second version of my first build -- it's beefier this time around.  The XS1 front end took forever to fit and I do miss the disc I used to have on the front, but the drum looks so much better and now it finally has shoes that work.  I laced a 16" rear rim to the XS1 hub -- it only needed minor modification.  I used spokes for an older 16" rear wheel.  It has 16s on the front and back -- I had to shave the inside of the fork legs to get it to fit.  The ignition cover is a Cadillac trunk lock cover that closes when I don't have keys in it.  Don't know what the headlight is from, but I love it -- perfect patina.  I'm getting her ready to sell on eBay, but she doesn't want to go.  She keeps finding things for me to fix -- I just ordered high performance clutch plates.  I still  love her, but I'm itching to build another.    Love the site -- I check it all the time for ideas.   

Bobby Joe Fong -


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