1983 XS650 Heritage Special:


Here is my 1983 XS650 Heritage Special, my father bought this bike brand new and didn’t ride much, so he gave it to my brother who was involved in an accident with it, he in turn gave it to a friend who ended up giving it back to my brother. The bike died on a trip my brother was taking and when they trailered the bike back it sat in the garage for a couple of years, he never bothered to figure out what was wrong and bought another bike and gave the 650 to me. With some help from this web site and a few e-mails from this site I found out it was the brushes, bought them, bike held a charge, and its been running since. Took it drag racing at local 1/8 mile track and ran a 10.25 run without even pushing the bike, the motor only has about 6000 miles on it, this bike moves with my 150 pounds on it, and we are still tinkering with it. Keep up the great site guys,

Later from Buffalo, NY.    Clint    

PS. Does anybody out there have a Heritage Special side panel emblem, having the hardest time finding one, thanks again.


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