Saturday XS650 Bonfire Checkout Ride

A cajun tradition for generations, over 100 bonfires are built like magnificent runway landing lights along the bank of the Mississippi river in Lutcher, and Gramercy, Louisiana. They are all lit on Christmas eve to guide "Papa Noel" and his reindeer south, on into the houses of anticipation in bayou country.

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We cross the Huey P. Long bridge to the east bank of the Mississippi river.

We take US-61 (Airline Highway) to Kenner, La. where we turn north on river road.

We cross the 'Bonne Carre' spillway at Norco, La. to the right of the removeable gate pins above in the floodway that protects the city of New Orleans from flooding by unusually high river stages. The road connects with river road on the north side above at Montz, La. Very high water in the river today, the area above is usually filled with heavy equipment and dump trucks hauling away river sand. The river is so high it is up to the floodgates.

The view from Montz, La. at the north side.

Once you start up river road from Montz, there are bonfires being built sporadically from Reserve, La. until you get to Gramercy, La. where there are many in all shapes standing adjacent on the levee for miles.

The "Budweiser Builder Kids" were rolling and sliding repeatedly down the steep levee.

All flags and figures in the displays are removed before the wood fires begin.

Wow, a magnificent tribute built by the fireman across the street in the Gramercy fire department.

A view of the stern of the USS Kickass on the river.

Bow view of this great work of art and many others that extend down the levee out of sight!

Cruisers wave taking in the sites on river road.

We saw several built like sailing vessels, it's a shame they all get torched!

Cajun bonfires guide Papa Noel AKA Santa Claus down into bayou country on Christmas Eve in Gramercy, Lutcher, and Reserve, Louisiana.

Many of the bonfires have patriotic themes this year.

Some of the bonfires built like Christmas trees on the outside are all wood underneath.

More motorcycle cruisers with the Gramercy, La. Mississippi river bridge in the background.

The ambient air temperature is always colder along the river.

We stopped to check out this old printing press and met these friendy people with Madere's printing.

This bonfire has red, white and blue detail painting along with the former NYC WTC twin towers on top.

We had periods of clouds and sunshine as an artic cold front is approaching fast so we rode on Saturday.

A couple of bonfire builders at work.

This bonfire is completely built, so then there was a football game.

YES, we will have Christmas Eve Images!

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Seasons Greetings to all!!! From: Bob & Bobby!

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